Top Bathroom Interior Trends 2019

Apart from hygiene, a bathroom is a great place for one to relax in privacy. Given the amount of time we spend there, don't we all agree that the bathroom space should rejuvenate and amp us up after a tiring day?

While an immaculate and well-equipped bathroom may seem pleasing to the eye, it may very well turn out to be boring in the long run. Be it reading through a magazine or taking a long shower, a dull and boring bathroom space will dampen your spirit adding further woes to your already jam-packed day.

Well, all that is about to change as we show you how to transform your bathroom to look all the more trendy and stylish. And all that you require is a little dash of creativity and investing in the right accessories.

You can start with something as basic as a handy bath caddy or shower shelf; and then go all the way up, depending on your budget.

Furthermore, to make things easy, we have compiled some of the best bathroom interior trends of 2019 that have definitely hit the mark with go-to interior designers and homemakers alike.

So, let’s indulge right away in these hot trends.

10 Best Bathroom Interior Trends 2019

  1. Monochrome Designs are back in vogue

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As much as we love brightly coloured bathroom schemes, sometimes they do become garish to look at. And for those of you who love the aesthetics and simplicity of single colour tones, it is good news that monochrome is now back in style.

Whether you’re opting for tiles or paint job, all you need is to just select one colour and use different shades of it to decorate your bathroom.

Nowadays, you get a fair share of contemporary patterned and earthy-coloured tiles in the market. Honestly, we have to agree that there is something dapper about single colour-toned bathroom making it one of the trendsetters for this new year.

  1. Extra Storage for the neat freaks

Minimalistic style has been dominating our bathrooms for quite a while. With that came minimal storage to avoid the risk of creating a cramped space.

However, like any other style, it has its own issues as less space means inadequate storage for all your accessories, leading once again to a lot of clutter. And next, you see your essentials and personal items lying on the floor and creeping on the window sills making for a messy look.

But practicality is back in the books, with bathrooms now having extra storage. And it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. In fact, the latest trends of 2019 dictate interesting and subtle ways of maximizing storage in your bathroom without affecting the style and décor of the place.

All you need to do is invest in a utilitarian shower organizer like the ShowerGem shower caddy and make full use of the wall space.

ShowerGem is the best, rustproof, modern shower caddy that you can get your hands on for its low asking price. What’s more is that it still manages to beat its higher-priced competitors in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and maintenance.

Those who’re worried about drilling their bathroom walls to fix one of these shower storage items can relax right away! Unlike tension pole shower caddies, the ShowerGem is easily installed. In fact, you can do it in under 60 seconds!

  1. A Relaxation Haven you can escape to

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Like we said before, bathrooms have evolved from just being a place of hygiene; they’re also a haven for people to relax and unwind. Imagine sipping on a drink and reading your favourite magazine while chilling in a hot tub!

This is why a lot of bathrooms that come up on social media sites mimic a spa-like setup providing people a retreat from their usual daily routine.

Low-key lighting, deep tubs, wooden accents, and soft pastel colours are all features you can opt to create your own spa-like bathroom.

Add in a dab of greenery and Zen elements like river stones, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful retreat that will definitely be the talk of the town. Scented candles and exotic lamps won't hurt either.

  1. Stylish Bamboo Flooring

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Bored of the same old traditional tile flooring? Bamboo flooring can be the fresh breath of air that your bathroom highly deserves.

It is hands-down the most sought-after flooring material in 2019 thanks to its great strength, durability and, of course, looks that rival that of wood. You can get a feel of high sophistication that fits right within the contemporary fabric.

And hey, it is also an eco-friendly material that can be easily grown in low water conditions. Bamboo furniture and flooring can be the perfect fix, especially for the dry area in your bathroom.

  1. Go urban with Industrial Style

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Industrial style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the trend is truly catching up with many and is sure to make a mark this year.

The metal finishing, unfinished rough textures, exposed piping, and hardware can be pretty defining, making your bathroom space stand out and impress your guests. The contemporary feel that comes with industrial vanities and sinks with their sleek edges, brass accents, and beautiful finishes are actually quite a sight.

They tend to look great for small apartments making something of a statement. Also, they are perfectly in line with the urbane and a trendy lifestyle. So, do make sure to check this amazing trend and who knows, this style may be tailor-made for you!

  1. Vintage for the win

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Another trend that is creating quite the hype this year is vintage décor.

The old-house sort of feel is winning so many hearts all across that we thought it absolutely necessary to include it on our list. You can easily create this look by buying vintage mirrors, lighting or plumbing fixtures that you find in garage sales or thrift shops.

In fact, you can look around in your own house and find lots of old furniture like dressers or trunks that are lying around and repurpose them into cabinets or vanities.

Complete the look with patterned ceramic tiles and voilà, you have got yourself a vintage-style bathroom. Like old wine that gets better with age, vintage style seems to never go out of fashion and keeps getting dapper!!

  1. Contrast with Irregular Accessories

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Ever see your bathroom as something uninteresting with its straight lines and corners? You look around and find your usual furnishings, the same rectangular sinks, oval mirrors, and crisp counters.

How about breaking this boring old routine by opting for furnishings out of the usual shape or style, say a diamond-

shaped mirror or some rustic pipe setups that are totally different from the décor of your bathroom?

Though you don’t have to go about in a forceful manner, changing small elements can spruce up your bathroom space in a large way that anytime you look at it, you are going to be drawn at how different your choice had been.

However, do remember to not go overboard with fixtures that seem unpragmatic. Instead, go for items that could be replaced in the future.

  1. Dash of Colours to brighten your day

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At one end, we have the ever-classy monochrome that is in vogue these days and on the other end, there are still bright coloured schemes that are equally winning.

Match a shade of green, blue or even red against a neutral shade of colour, say a light or dark shade, and you have got yourself some interesting bathroom walls that vie for attention.

Did you know different colours contributed to different moods? To illustrate, blue is said to create a relaxing environment whereas green is reminiscent of nature and good health.

You can try different colour palettes and see which works best for your mood and home. Have fun adding a little pop of colour to your bathroom as this trend is here to stay.

  1. Tech-infused Bathrooms are the future

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It is not just about creativity these days. You see, bathrooms are increasingly getting ‘smarter'. Wonder how that happens?

Well, you’ve got to thank High-tech upgrades like seat warmers, built-in speakers, deodorizers, and automatic lid openers, and so on. If you were excited hearing this, wait till you hear about automatic showers and mini fridges.

Imagine coming home to a shower that is already hot and ready, with speakers playing your favourite tunes. There are also voice-activated features for controlling lights and temperature. These tech-embroiled bath spaces are fast becoming a hot trend of 2019.

  1. Warm Flooring even in Cold Winters

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To continue on with smart bathrooms, there are still varied technologies that can be integrated into your bathroom.

Remember those days where the bathroom was a place where no electric appliances were to be found or placed? Now with the tide changed, bathrooms are in fact getting a lot more gadgets that rival the likes of a kitchen.

A recent trend to sweep the nation is the under-floor heating system that warms the flooring to a comfortable temperature. It can be integrated with a number of flooring options like tiles, concrete, wood, etc.

When the outside temperatures hit a record low, icy floors make it quite uncomfortable to walk on. But with smart heating systems, your bathroom floor remains in perfect warmth. Heating systems also have other benefits of reducing noise levels and possible allergic reactions.

This concludes some of our top trends of 2019. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to incorporate a few things listed here into your existing bathroom.