How to Give Your Bathroom a Valentine’s Day Makeover

It can be quite stressful to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day venue, isn’t it? Restaurants, bars, and cafés are bustling with couples on the 14th of February every year. If you are one of those couples who want a quiet and intimate evening together, then you’re in for a treat as we dole out some exciting ideas for you and your special someone.

Why not celebrate the day with your love in the cosy confines of your home? Doing this puts you in control of everything, right from the music, décor, and food to everything else. You can customize the entire experience as per your tastes for an unparalleled intimate evening with your valentine. 

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Hosting a Valentine's date at your home is just the perfect reason to give your den a makeover. Shades of pink and heart-shaped motifs are not all you need to give that glorious makeover to your home. You can play with lighting, aromatics, and layer with fabrics to craft a perfect setting to create memories with your loved one.   

If you take your bathroom for granted, then think again! Although your bathroom may not be the first thing that would grab the attention of your date, it would certainly be visited at some point of time in the evening. This is where you can weave magic by investing in a bathroom valentine makeover.  

Add romance with candles

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Is any date complete without the soft glow of candles? You can make your bathroom tranquil and relaxing for a refreshing makeover by opting for candles with a relaxing and mild fragrance. Flowery scents such as rose, jasmine, chamomile, and lavender are not just relaxing but also set the mood for a romantic night.

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You can place candles all over your bathtub. If you have enough space, then you can include a small vase of flowers and a glass of wine for an added touch of colour. You can also place floating candles and tea lights in a bowl surrounded by flower petals for creating a dreamy space. These Victorian Bath Tub candles can be an ideal choice without pinching your wallet too much.

Add pops of pink

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After all, its Valentine’s Day. And why would you not want to add a bright touch to your bathroom when your bae is around? You can add pinks with towels, rugs, fresh flowers and art throughout your bathroom.

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If your bathroom mainly has neutral colours, then you can change the feel and look by adding floral curtains and new rugs. You can include a new shower curtain or use paintings depending on the size of your bathroom. For instance, you can consider the Romantic Squin Décor curtain with Pink Glitter available on Amazon which features an exclusive design.   

Dim the lights

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When romance is on your agenda, then you should do away with harsh overhead lights. Lighting can make or break your mood. A striking fixture such as a series of pendant lights or a chandelier can certainly make a bold statement, but you need to opt for dimmers if you want a romantic look.

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You can try replacing a few lamps with bulbs with a lower wattage for a more intimate feel. You can set the mood with candlelight by placing several pillar candles around your bath tub. These Tancendes pillar candles can set the right tone for a romantic evening together.

If there is no ledge around your bathtub on which you can set the candles, then you can add a few stone pedestals for a more dramatic look.    

A sensual shower

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Is there anything that you can make your bae feel better other than a soothing, long shower after a strenuous day at work? You can add a little luxury to your shower to set the mood for a lot of love. For instance, programmable showers let you determine the type of spray, pressure and water temperature digitally.

If you want things to turn a little steamy, then you can invest in a steam shower. Remember, that you will need enough space in your bathroom for installing a steam generator. You can also opt for a prefab unit that can be installed without any expert help.  

Victorian-style bathrooms

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If you’re looking for an intimate and elegant bathroom space, you just can’t go wrong with Victorian-style bathrooms, can you?

These are known especially for their romantic appeal. If you have enough space, then you can try placing an inviting centrepiece. Go for a porcelain clawfoot tub and install porcelain or metallic pedestal sinks for a massive Victorian-style makeover.

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Metal hardware such as mirror frames, door handles, and faucets can transform your bathroom into a dreamy space that your lover will not forget to take note of. This Retro single handle Victorian style bathroom vessel sink faucet would make the right addition to your bathroom. Lighting fixtures such as wall scones can add a romantic touch as well.

Treat yourself to sound therapy    

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When you are trying to create a romantic setting, engaging your senses with the right music is a must! You can install a sound system in your bedroom and mount the speakers in the bathroom so that the two of you can listen to your favourite romantic songs while you soak in the tub surrounded by scented candles and rose petals.

If you do not want to invest too much, then you can opt for portable speakers and place them on the vanity countertop and enjoy your playlist. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve already compiled a great playlist of the best love songs first. Check out this waterproof Bluetooth speaker that also comes with suction cups.

Invest in a coordinated set of bathroom accessories

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You can create the right atmosphere in your bathroom for your Valentine’s Day celebration by placing matching hand and face towels along with bath mats. Don’t you think these Customized Set of Bath Towels are cute and display affection in a nice way?

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Place a vase with fresh flowers along with towels and soaps on the countertop.


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Who said bathrooms do not deserve quirky wall art, such as this beautiful Pink Candles Floral Wall Hanging? You can use colourful drapes for creating a dramatic ambiance.

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You can find a basket and fill it with your favourite toiletries. Loofah, lotion, body wash and anything else that makes you and your bae feel pampered can find a place in the basket.

A simple and elegant way to organize your bath essentials is by investing in a shower caddy. The ShowerGem shower organizer is not only easy to install and set up, but also complements your bath space by adding a touch of grace that your partner would surely notice!

Small touches like these can dramatically change the feel of your bathroom if you are ready to explore the options and want to get creative.

Squeaky Clean

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We know that you want to be coiffed and extra clean for your valentine. You can gear up for a fun night with an electronic toilet seat that sprays pleasant scents, plays music and that warms and washes.

Earlier, these deluxe seats were hard to find. Now, these are available with all other bathroom accessories and come with a host of features such as germ-resistant seats and slow-closing lids. You can also invest in high-tech toilets that include LED lights and no-touch flush.      

Place romantic curious

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When you are in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day is just the perfect occasion to look back at the memories that you have made together. You can add photo frames of the two of you in your bathroom to take a walk down the memory lane.

You can also add decorative elements that are significant to the two of you, or those that evoke romantic responses. You can consider decorative plates, curious of swans, snow globes and lamps. Romantic posters and decals stickers of romantic quotes can breathe life into your bathroom by adding a romantic vibe.    


All in all, these stylish tips will certainly take your Valentine’s Day celebrations to greater heights. You should always begin by envisioning the bathroom colour scheme.

Light shades of pink, red, and soft yellows can create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere. Keep this in mind before you give a sensual makeover to your bathroom that your bae would cherish for years to come.